prayers help

God is merciful and compassionate. He can heal us, but it seems that His healing powers are in the faith of those who are praying. Many of us go to the Church, believing that prayers will help us get well and feel better. Do you need comfort in the most trying of times? Learn how can prayers help us heal.

Prayers for healing

For many of us, physical healing is something hard to believe in. Some people have to take pills for their entire life to keep their health problem under control. It may be a cardiovascular disease, nail fungus, reduced immune system, diabetes, or another illness. But if you have the faith that our God still heals people as He did years ago, as we know from the Holy Bible, pray for the sick people and even for your own overall health.

Saying prayers for healing isn’t easy, especially the first time when you do it. It takes a lot of courage, but you must get over the embarrassment. We are all ordinary people, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot pray God to heal all the other sick people and us. Our Lord has been in the business of answering prayers for a long time! That’s why clergy and pastors have curated numerous prayers. You can even find printed books that contain practical prayers for healing.

How does the healing power of prayer work?

Prayer is more than just repetition and physiological responses. There’s a scientific explanation that shows how healing prayers work. What we do – when we pray – is meditate and dissolve the body-mind connection. When we go deeper into concentration, the brain starts to have intense activity in the lobes that establish distinctions between self and the world. Furthermore, these parts of the brain control our orientation in space. After that, silence and peace envelop the entire body.

It’s the moment when the lobes that create self-awareness and track time get disengaged. Now, the limbic system – responsible for metabolism, nervous system, blood pressure, heart rateis activated. The entire body relaxes, and the physiological activity regulates. It does have positive effects on the overall health, proving that meditation and prayers can really help.

When you have any health problems – your hair is falling, your nails are affected by fungus, you have a headache, or you experience stomach pain – take a break and pray for healing. Put your trust in God, because He is the greatest physician. Our Lord is patient and kind. He loves us and cares for us. Our Creator’s holy power can remove all diseases and evils that roam the earth. We praise and glorify His name, and we know that He can heal us.

You’ve acknowledged how can prayers help us heal. Go to Church or just pray at home. Do you find yourself depressed because of your health issue? Start repeating prayers and you will eventually feel the warm current of healing power flowing into your body. In Jesus’ name, Amen.