Physical healing at Church

In Bible, healing is a continuous theme that is mentioned and praised from Genesis to Revelation. We know that God can heal us. But did he pass His gift to other people, as well? We’re not talking about doctors. Did our Creator extend the miracle of healing in various degrees for unknown purposes at different times? So why aren’t people healing as it happened years ago, as described in the Holy Bible? Here’s how to enjoy physical healing at Church with the help of the prayers to get well.

What prayers can get us well?

If prayers help us heal, then why isn’t everyone healthy? Why are there so many diseases, old patients with chronic illnesses, and children dying of cancer? It’s a sensitive topic. Some say that a healing prayer cannot work unconditionally. The miracle of healing is an act of our Lord’s divine grace, and we shouldn’t take it lightly. What we must do is read the Bible and understand the scriptural references to healing. In the Holy Book, blessings came only with obedience.

"Don't be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed," said Jesus in Luke 8:50. Sometimes, God gives us infirmities and diseases so we could look to Him, for His power and strength. If we put our faith in Him and repeat the healing prayers, we will get well. Go to Church and take a book that contains the words that will eventually bring you healing. Be consistent, repeat the prayers at home, and keep putting your trust in Lord, as He will cure any health problems.

How to achieve physical healing at Church

Our Creator’s nature is to heal. His gift is still active today, but you have to ask for it when you come to the Church. In the House of God, build a personal, constant, day by day fellowship and relationship with Christ. When you pray for getting well, invoke the name and blood of Jesus for protection. This way, the evil spirits will leave your presence, and you will achieve physical healing.

Without faith and daily gospels, you will not get well. Read the Bible before bedtime, and don’t miss a week without going to Church. Nothing is impossible with Him! Are you having a hard time curing your body of a chronic disease? Do you suffer from heart issues, acne, nail fungal infection, or emotional problems? Have faith, and our Lord will take this burden off your shoulders.

It is obvious that nowadays God does not heal in the same manner or degree that He did in the Bible, in the early New Testament days. We cannot admit either that the medical expertise and physiological knowledge are far more advanced than thousands of years ago. Because we benefit now of the latest innovations in health care and maintenance, we don’t longer have to put our trust in Christ’s healing powers. But we’re wrong.

We can certainly experience physical healing at Church if we say again and again the prayers to get well. When you don’t know how to pray, remember to be humble. God is concerned with the heart of a person, not their vanity. Be honest and always stay true – that is the chance to get to Him and improve your health.