Breastfeeding prep

Breast augmentation may not seem to be advisable for women who plan to breastfeed babies. However, it is very much so. There’s no reason why mothers and mothers-to-be-should skip out on the benefits of undergoing breast augmentation. Whether you have implants or not, the key to successful breastfeeding is to prepare your body and mind well.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation inserts breast implants in order to enhance or reconstruct the breast area of a patient. Women can get bigger breasts here or they can opt to just improve breasts shape. Augmentation surgery is a good option for women who desire to recover the aesthetic appeal of their breasts, that is, to have the same volume, shape, and lift which their breasts had before pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, women who needed to have mastectomy may take advantage of this reconstructive procedure so that they can enjoy the pleasure of looking as they were before the mastectomy was carried out.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation

Preparation for breastfeeding begins even before your actual procedure. You need to spend some time with your surgeon, letting him know of your hopes to either start or continue breastfeeding after the procedure. This way, he can plan where to make the incisions properly. He can also strategize the best place and amount of implant to insert. These two things, in particular, are very important. Wrong incisions may sever crucial nerves and glands that you need to lactate properly. Wrong placement and wrong amount of placement may affect milk production and breastfeeding. Work with a trusted doctor who will listen and accommodate your preferences and needs.

Stock up on needed inventory. First, have natural supplements that help increase milk production. Second, get nursing bras that provide good support but are not restricting in any way. Third, prepare nursing gels or compresses that help ease breast engorgement.

Studies show that most women with breast implants have no problems establishing breastfeeding. Although the need for mixed feeding arises in some cases, it still goes to show that breastfeeding is very doable even when you have implants.